Knowing where you stand.
Tested today, the results today.

Want to know where you stand? With our COVID-19 rapid tests and COVID-19 PCR tests you will quickly know where you stand.
You can book an Antigen rapid test from € 75, - and a PCR-Test from € 85, -
Our tests and our laboratory are RIVM validated, and if desired we can provide you with a globally approved travel document.

COVID-19 Travel statement

What is a (Non) COVID-19 Certificate?
This is an official statement whether you have a positive or negative COVID-19 PCR or Rapid Antigen test result.

Is it possible to request a (Non) COVID-19 Certificate with a quick test?
Yes that is possible. The (Non) COVID-19 Certificate can be requested in combination with the COVID-19 PCR test or Rapid Antigen (rapid) test

How long is a (Non) COVID-19 Certificate valid?
The validity date of the (Non) COVID-19 Certificate varies per country. Some countries currently require a health certificate that is no older than 72 hours or 48 hours at the time of departure or arrival. Important: you must inform yourself about this.

When will I receive the (Non) COVID-19 Certificate?
Almost simultaneously with the test result of the COVID-19 test. We aim to deliver the test result between 24-36 hours after collection (up to a maximum of 72 hours).


A PCR Test including (Non) COVID-19 Certificate (health statement / travel document) can be ordered for € 85 individually and for € 75 per person from 2 persons (applicable to group tests (pooling) up to 5 people).


RIVM validated test method only works with a validated test method and validated laboratories.

Extended opening hours

Our locations are open 7 days a week and have long opening hours. This allows you to be tested after working hours, for example.

Need a travel statement?

Optionally, we provide you with a travel statement signed by our doctor that you can use to travel.

Questions or need help?

Our customer service is available by phone every day from 08:00 to 20:00
Questions? Call us! 085-3035544 or use our live chat.
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