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Want to know where you stand? With our COVID-19 rapid tests and COVID-19 PCR tests you will quickly know where you stand.
You can book an antigen rapid test for € 50 and a PCR test from € 75.
Our tests and laboratory are RIVM validated, and if desired we can provide you with a globally approved travel document.

COVID-19 PCR test

What is a COVID-19 PCR test?
With the COVID-19 PCR test we can trace the COVID-19 virus at a very early stage, even if there are very few virus particles in the body. If we do this at a very early stage, people who are infected can go into isolation and we prevent other people from becoming infected.

What does the COVID-19 PCR test cost?
€ 85 for an individual test.
€ 75 per person, when you take the test with 2 to a maximum of 5 people from one living or working community. This test is processed using the pooling method.

What is pooling?
This is a method in which the material from several people is collected in a test tube and analyzed in one go in the laboratory.

Why is pooling used?
Thanks to this method, 50-70 percent less use is made of the expensive and scarce test material.

Is the pooling method reliable?
Yes. If the test result is negative, this applies to every person in the group. If the test result is positive, everyone in the group is invited to an individual COVID-19 PCR test to identify the source of contamination.

What is the advantage of the COVID-19 PCR test over the COVID-19 rapid test?
In contrast to a COVID-19 rapid test, the COVID-19 PCR test allows us to trace the virus at a very early stage, even if there are very few virus particles in the body.

Has the test been approved by the RIVM?
Yes, the SARS-CoV-2 by means of RT-PCR test (that is the official name) that we offer was validated by the RIVM on April 2, 2020. View the issued by the RIVM declaration of achievement. Partner laboratories Labor Dr. Wisplinghoff and CENTOGENE, with whom we work together for the COVID-19 diagnostics, are ISO 15189 accredited. HealthCheckCenters and partner laboratories Labor Dr. Wisplinghoff and CENTOGENE handle PCR tests in accordance with the priority directions of the RKI (Robert Koch Institute, the German RIVM).

How is the COVID-19 PCR test administered?
Test material is collected through the nose and mouth using a cotton swab. The test administration including administrative processing takes approximately 3 to 5 minutes per person.

When will I receive the test result?
We aim to deliver the test result between 24-36 hours after collection (up to 72 hours).

When do I order the COVID-19 PCR test?
If you must travel.
If you need a COVID-19 statement.
If you have any complaints (symptoms). 
If you have no complaints but want to be sure that you have nothing.
If someone in your (immediate) environment has complaints.

RIVM validated test method only works with a validated test method and validated laboratories.

Extended opening hours

Our locations are open 7 days a week and have long opening hours. This allows you to be tested after working hours, for example.

Need a travel statement?

Optionally, we provide you with a travel statement signed by our doctor that you can use to travel.

Questions or need help?

Our customer service is available by phone every day from 08:00 to 20:00
Questions? Call us! 085-3035544 or use our live chat.
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